The Solar Sailors

Story So Far
In the beginning...

Zarmina’s Wake

Behold the corvette Zarmina’s Wake, a boat that has been in service for 20 years. She is run by a committee, with each shift represented by their Astrogation crew, but every member of the crew having a vote.
The ship is leased from Tangible Assets Division of Toutes les Options D’assurance or “The Todd”, an insurance company with offices on Nelson.

A Shift

Astrogation – Niles Olson – Only original member of the crew. Has been aboard ship for 15 years. Is fair, but gruff, and not all-together fond of anyone who is not his blood kin. His wife, Anya, died shortly after his children were born, and they were raised on ship.
Munitions – Petra Nielson – Neils’ daughter. Hans’ twin sister. Spent most of her life on the Wake and has very little interest in anything else. Like her brother, she has good general knowledge of ship operations.
Engineering – Sun James – One of “The Jims”. A knowledgeable engineer, but a bit overcautious. Has been known to advocate drastic fixes to simple problems. He is from the planet Sevensy, in the Corot System, where names use the Asian style of family names coming first.
Health and Wellness – Chang-Ho Andrew – A medical professional, and the closest thing the Wake has to a doctor. Was recruited by James from Sevensy fairly recently. Is the “new guy”, having only been of the boat for a few months.

B Shift

Astrogation – Hans Nielsen – Neils son. Petra’s twin brother. Spent his whole life on the ship. He and his sister were raised together, but as part of a crew, so they tend not to think of themselves as particulary close as compared tot he rest of the crew, who are family.
Munitions – Nara Burnes – One of the first people to come to the ship after the first crew began to drift apart. She would be a skilled engineer if she choose to take on that job, and takes a great deal of the communications equipment maintainace on when she is on-shift.
Engineering – Sam Mount – The child of an entertainer on Nelson. Attended a trade school that his parents saved up for him to attend. Is a capable engineer, and has made improvements to the ships systems. But, he is a petty, inconsiderate jerk.
Health and Wellness – Carrice Quan – Born on Zarmina. Serves as a medical professional, and has recently started working with Andrew to learn more.

C Shift

Astrogation – Abraham Warner
Munitions / Health and Wellness – Desmond Warner
Engineering – Bridget Warner (nee Bardot)


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