The average sailor knows how to plot a course or steer their ship from one port to another. The calculations involved are so extensive that computer assistance makes basic functions relatively simple, though not completely automated.

Jumpgate updates make astrogation in major lanes as easy a pointing to a position on a map and letting the ship take control. Mining vessels, crew transports, and emergency vehicles all tend to travel away from standard lanes, so these vessels in particular need more experienced pilots.

The speeds that solar sailors travel make course correction at speed impossible, or at least very dangerous, so most human piloting goes on in the spaces between where a ship slows to more manageable speeds and their destination. This is a tricky decision, because if a ship approaches a plant too quickly they will register as a threat for system security and be neutralized as efficiently as possible. If they slow down too early the ship may find itself in regions populated by pirates on the lookout for just this sort of careless pilot.

Because astrogation tends to be the defacto leadership position On-Shift, these crewmembers also have to deal with personnel matters. This sort of paperwork also means that most people on this rotation tend to have to deal with legal matters, such as ensuring proper permits and records are up to date.


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