Solar Sailor

Space travel by solar sail has created a unique breed of traveler, Solar Sailors. Sailors can be found anywhere from the Mother System to beyond. Astrogation clocks use the Sailor’s Week as their base, literally setting these men and women apart from their terrestrially bound contemporaries.

Those few who own their own ships can become wealthy, if they weren’t already. Whole business empires can be built on a single Frigate. Most will work their whole lives on the same ship, some may be born in space, only rarely visiting a planet or colony.

Specialization is possible, and encouraged on some of the larger ships, but sailors like to have a broad range of skills. As a result, just about everyone on a ship can do just about any job, to some degree.
Maintaining a solar ship requires round-the-clock maintenance for both ship and crew. The needs of both are accounted for in each rotation, which is covered by someone aboard.

  1. Astrogation covers sensors, navigation, and piloting. Ships that have a deicated cpatian almost always have that person in this rotation.
  1. Engineering covers ship maintenance, repairs, electronics, and mechanics. Specialists tend to be dedicated to this postion.
  1. Health and Wellness covers medical, psychological, and theological needs, as well as food preparation and sanitation.
  1. Munitions cover the ships communications and weapons. Larger ship’s security services are drawn from this branch as well as commend of any away-teams for scientific, mining, or other extra-ship activities.

Solar Sailor

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